Relax and Unwind at Ayo Ayo Cafe & Sauna

Ayo Ayo is a space for celebration of Life. It is a multi-purpose space for wellness located in 44-Emilio Osmena Street, Guadalupe Cebu City.

We offer good food that feeds your soul

a home made Japanese Filipino recipes. We have private rooms for you to stay. We got spa facility (Sauna, Bathe Tub and Massage) and a studio where you can practice mindfulness; yoga, ceremonies & Muay Thai. We have enough space for your special event and intimate gathering


Our wellness facility offers daily flying yoga classes and also mat yoga sessions, it is also open for any Health and Wellness event.

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Café/ Restaurant

We love coffee as much as you do (your caffeine crave, leave it to us) however we have options for more healthier ones as well, Tea ,Kefir Soda and Kombucha are brewed fresh for you.Our Kitchen prepares you're a hearty meal you can afford to feed your crave for something new (Filipino –Japanese fusion)

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Offering accommodations to travelers and foreign students who learn English in Cebu is our start, in 2017.Our hostel is a great idea to stretch your budget a long way while traveling, it is a modern type of shared living accommodation with focus on great social experience. Currently we have two private rooms to choose from.

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We care about your Life Balance and Wellness

we offer you choices of Spa services that fits your preferences and needs. Our Spa rates and packages are carefully curated with the goal of reaching the most relax level you deserve



One Session

The total session shall be 1.5 hrs.
Bathe Tub


One Session

The total session shall be 1.5 hrs.


A choice of Shiatsu, Swedish or Thai

The total session shall be 1 hrs.

Plans and Pricing

The sauna will make you feel better and stabilize your mental health. It reduces stress and enhances positive emotions,

“Let’s affirm that saunas will improve your lifestyle if you make them a habit. In Finland, there is a saying that goes, ‘Women are most beautiful an hour after leaving the sauna.’ As a first step, sweating in the sauna releases body toxins that promote skin product removal and keeps the skin healthy,”

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Ayo Ayo in Bisaya means be well.

Exactly this is how we want to radiate to everyone through our facilities and services. We wanted to foster a culture of Life balance and wellness where acceptance and positivity allows happiness to flow.


We’ve loved to hear your experiences that form part of your journey you become part of our journey.

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